Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the HeadingsMap and WCAG Contrast Checker browser extensions and is intended to inform users about the permissions they require to work and the reasons why they are required.

No data collection

The browser extensions HeadingsMap and WCAG Contrast Checker do not collect any data from any website. They only perform HTML analysis in the browser side (client side) using vanilla javascript (without the use of third party libraries of frameworks) and do not collect, save or share any data from the web documents.

They were developed, and are maintained, for helping and supporting developers, consultants, quality auditors or any other end user on their daily use/work. There are no hidden intents.

Browser permissions

HeadingsMap and WCAG Contrast Checker access the HTML of the page that is currently displayed by the browser, either the content directly descended from the html tag, as well as the documents that are included by the use of iframes. For this reason, and also because it gives the user a set of options and preferences that can be saved (theme, panel position, type of analysis, error identification, etc.), it requires some specific permissions from the browser to work.

None of the permissions that the extensions require collect data from any website. They are required to perform the html analysis, give the user information about the html and the styles that it has applied to its elements, and give the user a set of options to define the way in which he/she wants to perform the analysis and how to show the results. There is no data collection from the contents and there is no data collection about the sites in which the user uses the extensions. In addition, the extensions do not perform any action while they are not in execution.

This is the list of browser permissions and the reasons why they are required:

This permission allows the extensions to work on any URL because it matches any URL that uses a permitted scheme
The activeTab permission grants temporary access to the site the user is on and allows the extension to use the "tabs" permission on the current tab. This permission displays no warning on installation. This is used by the extension to:
Enables extensions to store and retrieve data in the browser (not in any remote place or server), and listen for changes to stored items. This feature is used by the extension to save and retrieve the user preferences, like the panel disposition, theme, error warnings, etc.
Add event listeners for the various stages of a navigation. A navigation consists of a frame in the browser transitioning from one URL to another, usually (but not always) in response to a user action like clicking a link or entering a URL in the location bar.

You can read more about the extensions and download them from the three main browser extension stores:

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